An organisation owned and operated by its employees with its headquarters in Chennai and having regional offices in Bangalore with plans to open a office in Hyderabad.The core technical strength of the company is turnkey execution of mechanical contracting activity for the pharmaceutical, chemical, biotech & FMCG industries.a

Quality Policy Statement

UTILITYCONTRACTORS is committed to achieve and sustain excellence in its Solutions & Services with 100 % Customer satisfaction through an established Quality Management System.

UTILITYCONTRACTORS team is responsible and accountable for fully satisfying our customers, as per contractual, Statutory and regulatory requirements, with best in class solutions & Services.

Our aim is highest Standard of Operational Efficiency by adhering to Good Engineering Practices, Good Construction Practices and continual improvement in all process of our activities with the involvement of our entire employee.


  1. 100 % Customer Satisfaction by Build mutually rewarding relation ship with our customers, ensuring their long term success, through understanding of their need and expectations.
  2. Achieved our Commitments for Good Quality, Optimum cost and Scheduled Time.
  3. Drive continual improvement, challenging and innovation based on efficient best
  4. practices and customer survey.
  5. Develop team Work, Creativity, challenging, empowerment and accountability through continual training, development programs, strong management involvement and commitment.


UTILITYCONTRACTORS to execute all its activities fully committed for providing safe and healthy working conditions for all Employees, clients and suppliers working on the projects.

Care of Safety & Health is a top management priority. It is the responsibility of management to provide safety work environment, proper tools and training to all Engineers, Supervisors and Technicians.

Safety is an overriding value that the operation shall be conducted in such a manner that reasonably practicable measures are taken to protect people not only in our employment, but also others who may be affected by our activities.

We shall follow all safety Rules and Regulations and strictly adhere to all kinds of safety precautions to safeguard against the mishaps/accidents and personal injuries to the men and damage to the material and machinery while carrying out work in the plant site. All activities shall be in compliance with relevant local laws, statutory requirements, codes and practices pertaining to health and safety of employees.

All personnel shall share a sense of empowerment on safety matters with an effective communication system to facilitate the flow of Health Safety & Environment (HSE) information both up and down throughout the Organization.

Our goal is zero accident in all our operations and we commit to make our organization an accident free organization.